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Savor, LLC is a bakery that makes artisan, gourmet cookies.  Cookies that are not your everyday cookies. Savor, LLC is based in Watertown, Connecticut. Our vision of the company, started by Andre Kreft, is to build a community and audience that appreciates non-traditional flavors and understands the urgency of local food production.

Cookie them, Cookie you, Cookie me!

Savor, LLC is offering two exciting holiday promotions!
  1. Get 3 bags of cookies a month for three months for $75.00 including shipping or
  2. get 3 bags of cookies a month for four months for $100 including shipping

You pick the address, we pick the flavors. 
Details below at "Cookie Me 3" and "Cookie Me 4"

Another holiday idea:
Get a gift box of cookies for that special someone.
Pick out one to three 8 oz flavors and mark 'gift box' at checkout.


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